Bhai Gurdas Ji Vaar
BweI gurdws jI
Vaar: 1, Pauri: 44

44 Ú is`D goSt[ mulqwn
bwby kIqI isiD gosit sbid sWiq isDW ivic AweI[
Baba has discussions with the siddhs and because of th eenergy of the sabad those siddhs attained peace.
(jd) bwby ny isDW nwl crcw kIqI, (bwby dy) Sbd nwl isDW ivKy SWiq vrq geI[
ijix mylw isvrwiq dw Kt drsn Awdyis krweI[
Conquering the Sivratri fair Baba made the followers of six philosophies bow.
iSvrwq dw (swrw) mylw (gurU jI ny) ij`q lIqw, Kt drSnW ny nmskwr kIqI[
isiD bolin suB bcinÚ Dnu nwnk qyrI vfI kmweI[
Now, speaking benign words, the siddhs said, Nanak, your achievement is great.
(Aqy swry is`D (eyh) SuB bcn AwKx lgy “DMn ho nwnk jI! Awp dI (kmweI=) imhnq v`fI hY[
vfw purKu prgitAw kiljuig AMdir joiq jgweI[
You, emerging like a greatman in kaliyug have diffused the light (of knowledge) all around.
(qUM) vfw purK kuljug ivc zwhr hoieAw hYN, (swry s`iqnwm dI) joq jgw idqI hY[ “
myilE bwbw auiTAw mulqwny dI jwriq jweI[
Getting up from that fair, Baba went to the pilgrimage of Multan.
(Acl dy) myly (dI idg ibjX kr ky hux) gurU bwbw jI auT ky mulqwn dI Xwqrw nUM cly[
AgoN pIr mulqwn dy duiD ktorw Bir lY AweI[
In Multan, the pir presented a bowl of milk filled up to brims (which means That faquirs here are already in plenty).
A`goN mulqwn dy pIr ivc du`D dw CMnw (nkw nk) Brky lY Awey[
bwby kiF kir bgl qy cMbylI duD ivic imlweI[
Baba took out a jasmine flower from his bag and floated it on the milk (which meant that he wa not going to put anybody to trouble).
bwby ny bgloN k`Fky iek cMbylI (dw Pu`l) du`D pur r`K idqw[
ijau swgr ivic gMg smweI ]44]
It was such a scene as if the Ganges were merging into the sea.
ijkur smuMdr ivc gMgw smwauNdI hY[